Artist: Chaim Machlev, Ben Hopper, Erik Weiss

Curator: Zachary McHale

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 27th, 7pm - 11pm

Dates: September 14th - November 30th


6 Minerva Street, London E2 9EH

Open Mon - Sat, 10-6pm

Free entry



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NR Project hosts Individualised, featuring internationally acclaimed tattoo artist, Chaim Machlev (also known as DotsToLines). Highlights include a series of metallic prints by Machlev and photographer Ben Hopper of Machlev's Blackwork tattoos. Previously exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the prints will be accompanied by tattoo-stencil collages created by Machlev and additional photographs of his tattoos taken by Erik Weiss.


Each metallic prints displays one of Machlev's tattoos utilizing a reflective, negative exposure technique that makes their geometric designs come in and out of focus. Thus, the tattoos reveal themselves to viewers as they interact with the works. They also reference the challenge embraced by the artist with each tattoo: discovering the pattern that works in harmony with each unique body. The other works in the exhibition, tattoo-stencil collages and black & white photographs of Machlev's works, draw attention to the "life-cycle" of a tattoo, from design to stencil to fresh ink to the healed product. More broadly, the exhibition questions cultural preconceptions about tattoo culture and puts on full display the creative process of tattoo artists.



A unique viewing experience of large-scale body art in a way never previously attempted: augmented reality.



NR Project

September 14th - November 30th

Public Opening on September 27th, 7-11pm

V&A Design Festival

September 15th - 23rd 

*Exclusive Q&A with the artist on September 21st.


London Tattoo Convention

September 28th - 30th


Chaim Machlev, Ben Hopper, Erik Weiss

In 2012, Chaim Machlev moved to Berlin with no experience in the arts and tattoing, but managed to build a strong reputation as one of the most skilful geometric tattoo artists in Europe. Machlev describes himself as a sort of outsider to tattooing and "fine" art communities, a position that frees him to innovate differently than artists who identify with those communities.The artist positions himself as an advocate against negative prejudices surrounding tattooing, trying instead to blur the distinction between what we might call "fine" art and tattoo art.

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Ben Hopper‘s medium is photography and people are his subjects. Since 2007, Hopper has created fine art photographic projects from his base in London, focusing on contemporary circus performers, dancers and nudes. His work showcases beauty in the human form, explores sexuality, and challenges gender and identity. Hopper strives to raise awareness surrounding nudity censorship and other social taboos. Previous projects include Naked with Masks, Transfiguration, and Natural Beauty.

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Berlin-based artist Erik Weiss and one of the leading photographers of musicians in Germany. His portraits of artists and actors such as Jared Leto, Ben Harper, Green Day, Muse, System of a Down and The Black Eyes are published in Rolling Stone, Q Magazine, and NME amongst others. Notably, Weiss' collaboration with the American rockband The Killers culminated in the award nominated coffee table book Somewhere Outside that Finish Line in 2016.

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