NR PROJECT is an independent Art Organization dedicated to facilitating artistic exchange and developing creative practice through public programming and partnerships which prime Tattooing Art.

NR PROJECT opened in 2017 in East London. Operating as an Art Platform that has the ambition to bridge the existent gap between the Visual art and Tattooing Art Worlds. Driven by a critical curatorial program, it will provide an experimental art platform that aims to push the current boundaries of tattooing by virtue a strong collaboration with artists and creative minds.


— Promote contemporary visual culture, particularly Tattooing and the under-represented practices, and contributing to international critical discourse through our programmes

— Encourage critical and engaging practices in the arts and create opportunities for public interaction

— Foster mutual understanding via artistic practice and exchange

— Strengthen international collaboration and partnership through organizations and networks




6 Minerva Street, London, 

E2 9EH, United Kingdom

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+44 (0)2 071 755 898




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Ben Lakin

Inês Valle is a transcultural curator, researcher, artist and photographer, specialising in Aboriginal contemporary arts and culture, global curating and international social engaged art practices. Believing in the international and interdisciplinary preservation and exchange of ideas she has initiated and participated in several projects that aim to stimulate a global-interchanging-and-understanding of the conceptual notion of the ‘other’, not to insert or present alternatives to dominant hegemonic narratives but to interrupt, interrogate and investigate the effects and possibilities of the unheard and the omitted ones. Valle holds a Degree in Visual Arts and a MA in Curatorial Studies both at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Currently she is the Curator at NR PROJECT.

Nadia Nardelli is an Italian digital artist and photographer, specialising in digital manipulation. Her body of work is mostly focused on self portraits, endlessly using the interplay between her body and its environment to create geometrical compositions. She holds a Degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia Design at the Academy of Fine Arts (Italy)..

Nadia moved into the UK in 2015, where she worked as photographer for a leading photography company. Carrying on her freelance photography career now she works as manager at NR Studios and NR Project, where surrounded by inspiring people, together, are aiming to merge permanently the Art with the Tattoo world


Inês Valle

Inês is the curator of NR PROJECT, where she develops, curates and oversees its interrelated programme of exhibitions and public platforms.


Nadia Nardelli

Nadia is the Gallery Manager, Head of Press and Communication at NR PROJECT.