Artists: Paul Goodwin, Hanumantra, Y4SHK4, Linked Berlin

Curator: Zachary McHale

Dates: 07.02.2018 – 01.14.2018

Venue: NR PROJECT, 6 Minerva Street

London E29EH

Open Mon - Sat,10-6pm

Free entry



NR Project hosts Paul Goodwin, Hanumantra, and Y4SHK4 for (Echoes), an innovative installation exploring how our conceptions of the past, present, and future relate and co-depend. On all black walls, Goodwin and Hanumantra will create a series of murals stylistically inspired by their tattoo practices The two artists will additionally be creating tattoos inspired by their murals in a live tattooing session on February 11th. Also on view from February 12th, a performance piece led by Y4SHK4 will feature tattooing during a performance of shibari (縛), a poetic art-form in which one participant ties and suspends the other with rope.

Live mural creation: February 7th - 10th

Live tattooing demonstration: February 11th, 11am - 6pm



Zachary McHale












Originally from Upstate New York, Zach moved in to London in 2017 to pursue a master's degree in contemporary art theory. Since graduating from Boson University in May of 2017, he has organized and shown art in several contemporary exhibitions in Boston and London. In all his work, his goal is to accurately represent the artists he works with to the public, and to help rising artists advance their careers. 



Tattoos by Paul Goodwin, Hanumantra, and Y4SHk4 (from left to right)

Paul Goodwin (b. 1983, United Kingdom) comes out of a curiosity about contemporary globalisation driven by advancing technology, and how this trend interacts with human spirituality. He often juxtaposes abstract shapes that seem to be melting or floating away with heavy, linear forms that feel more permanent. For the artist, this opposition represents an individual interacting with a constantly fluctuating environment, creating a path through an ever-growing network. Goodwin’s artistic career began in 2010 when he received his first tattoo, which inspired him to earn a BA in fine arts from the Birmingham School of Art and to begin tattooing.

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Instagram: @paulsgoodwin

Hanumantra (b. 1985, United Kingdom) traces the beginning of his artistic development to watching the sun and surf while on a 2003 road trip in Australia. From this inspiration, he designed his first tattoo– an abstract reflection on these subjects– and has since devoted his career to cultivating a minimal blackwork style based on strong silhouettes and interesting shapes. His style also references the visual vocabularies of several ancient tattooing traditions as a way of empowering contemporary people to feel protected and emboldened in their skin.

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Yashka Steiner, or Y4SHK4  (b. 1973) is from and continues to work in Geneva, Switzerland. He is an award-winning designer, tattoo artist and fine artist, who is interested in exploring ways he can combine the three worlds. When tattooing, he works primarily in a blackwork style that creates a sense of mathematic geometry interacting with the organic lines of the human figure. His other projects often draw attention to the process of tattoo creation itself, as a symbolic action of memorialisation, a means of individual expression, and a source of physical pain.

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Instagram: @y4shk4a