Artist: jbecerra

Curator: Zachary McHale

Dates: April 13th - May 24th

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 14th, 7pm - 11pm

Venue: NR PROJECT, 6 Minerva Street, London E29EH

Open Mon - Sat, 10-6pm

Free entry



NR Project is excited to announce Scars, a charity exhibition of 25 artworks by jbecerra dealing with the threat of international terrorism in the 21 st century. Proceeds will go to individuals affected by recent terrorist attacks. The exhibition will open in mid-April and run through the month of May. There will be an opening reception with free drinks and music. Hope to see you there!!!


Each artwork is based on a section of Khalil Gibran’s 1923 poem, The Prophet, a series of meditations on a wide-range of topics from everyday life. The poem ultimately constructs humanity as a connected web, where individuals become complete through their interactions with other people. jbecerra chose The Prophet as inspiration for this sensitive topic to express the communal mourning communities experience after an attack, memorialise victims, and to reflect on the interdependence between one human life and all others. The walls in NR’s space will be black for the event in order to create a contemplative space for viewers to think about the issues in jbecerra’s works. jbecerra himself will be present in the gallery, completing the final two works in the exhibition.

The event is sponsored by fellow artist, philanthropist and dear friend of the artist, Gary Jabara, who is founder and chair of the Jabara Family Foundation.

Proceeds will go to the UK Solidarity Fund, operated by the British Red Cross.

Holding the Scars (2017), oil and mixed media on canvas
'Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.'
-Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Zachary McHale







Originally from Upstate New York, Zach moved in to London in 2017 to pursue a master's degree in contemporary art theory. Since graduating from Boson University in May of 2017, he has organized and shown art in several contemporary exhibitions in Boston and London. In all his work, his goal is to accurately represent the artists he works with to the public, and to help rising artists advance their careers. 



jbecerra works in a broad range of media, including tattoo, paint, digital and 3D illustration, sculpture, music, and performance magic. Currently, he owns ABRAKADAVRA in Ipswich, United Kingdom, a studio that brings all these media under the same roof. jbecarra is an internationally acclaimed tattoo artist, but says every media he works in effects the others, a phenomenon he finds beautiful and tries to embrace. While based in the UK, the artist regularly finds himself abroad at conventions and involved in collaborations with artists from across the globe.