Curator: Inês Valle

Artists: A++Void and Paul Goodwin

Dates: 25.07 - 08.08.2017

Venue: NR PROJECT, 6 Minerva Street E29EH

Days: Tues - Sat

Hours: 11-6pm.

Free entry

“SHAFT OF LIGHT“ conceptually re-imagines the "fine arts" gallery space as a human body that will be tattooed. The outcome of these conversations will be materialised into an art installation filling the entire "skin" of the gallery's space. Media used come from outside of conventions of tattooing, but mimic particular elements in the artist’s tattoos. After completing separate murals, the artists will create a collaborative tattoo that connects the two works.

This project also highlights two contrasting modes of relating to life, with A++Void portraying extreme and spontaneous emotions and Goodwin using his practice of Buddhist and Zen body-mind philosophies for inspiration.

Installation View "Shaft of Light"

Video by Nadia Nardelli, courtesy of NR PROJECT, 2017.


Paul Goodwin, was born in England 1983. Goodwin’s passion for tattooing came from the experience of getting his first tattoo in 2010. This triggered him to start drawing again and consequently enrolling onto a BA honours in Fine Art at Birmingham school of art. This was eleven years after leaving formal education. He worked in the culinary arts for nearly a decade but had decided that it wasn’t a life long career so the discovery of tattooing came just at the right time. Being inspired with the human condition and specifically the curiosity of the unseen power within. Goodwin plays with the spiritual journey in a globalised technology driven culture.

A++void is a tattoo artist that has moved to the UK at the aged of 21, where he worked in Manchester, Cheltenham and now in London where he works at NR Studios. He takes tattooing as mode of expressing what he believes in life, a deep critical path towards individuation, alerting to the psychological and philosophical issues that commonly arise on our life’s choices.The believing in this, he is stripping away, layer by layer the multiple unnecessary filters in order to search for a raw and pure essence of unicity that we intrinsically are.