Artist: Dario Grasso

Curator: Zachary McHale

Opening: 12th January | 7pm

Dates: 01.12 - 01.27.2017

Venue: NR PROJECT, 6 Minerva Street E29EH

Days: Mon - Sat

Hours: 10-6pm

Free entry



Above: Portrait of the artist


Uncomfortable Guest

     NR Studios hosts Dario Grasso: Uncomfortable Guest, a solo exhibition of 13 artworks that visualize the effects of a modern lifestyle on the emotional state of individuals. Grasso’s paintings express violence, distress, and negligence though their highly textured surfaces, depictions of deformities and injuries, and overall sense of chaos. Using the figure as his primary means of exploration into these themes, Grasso hopes his works provide an opportunity to practice confronting our more vulnerable emotions.  


Dario Grasso

     Dario Grasso (b.1988 in Ludwigsburg, Germany) grew up in Agrigento, Italy. From a young age, his mother encouraged him to explore his passions, helping him achieve his first collaborative exhibition at the age of 14. Later, he studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, where he developed an interest in art history– especially Mannerism, ancient Greek art, and European Modernism. Grasso is known for his use of unconventional mediums and re-imaginings of established forms from across art history. He has worked in England since 2017 as a multimedia artist, embracing media from sculpture to tattoos.


NR Project

     NR Project opened in 2017 in East London. We use our space to bridge the gap between the visual art and tattooing art worlds with exhibitions and other projects . Driven by a critical curatorial program, NR Project provides an experimental art platform that pushes the current boundaries of tattooing by virtue a strong collaboration with artists and creative minds.


Zachary McHale

     Originally from Upstate New York, Zach moved in to London in 2017 to pursue a master's degree in contemporary art theory. Since graduating from Boson University in May of 2017, he has organized and shown art in several contemporary exhibitions in Boston and London. In all his work, his goal is to accurately represent the artists he works with to the public, and to help rising artists advance their careers.