Inês Valle is a transcultural curator, researcher, arts writer, artist and photographer, specialising in Aboriginal contemporary arts, global curating, international social engaged art practices and intercultural dialogues. Believing in the international, interdisciplinary preservation of exchange of ideas, she has initiated and participated in several projects that aim to stimulate a global - interchanging - and - understanding of the conceptual notion of the ‘other’, not to insert or present alternatives to dominant hegemonic narratives, but to interrupt, interrogate and investigate the effects and possibilities of the unheard and the omitted ones. Valle holds a BA in Visual Arts and a MA in Curatorial Studies both at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Founder of “the Cera Project”, a transcultural exchange platform that stimulates a dialogue in art, music, sound, performance and science with and about the Southern hemisphere’s narratives. Currently, she is the curator of NR Project in London, one of the first art spaces focusing on tattooing.



Christophe Beauregard (b.1966), lives and works in Paris (France). During the period that he was a student at the Beaux-Arts (1990) he researched, explored and experienced drawing and the new forms of art of the 80s. Simultaneously, he has a deep interest in photography where he studied the work of August Sander, Diane Arbus, Jeff Wall and Czech photographers. His obsession by the photogenic universe of circus, made him develop his first photo project about artists in 1993. Since then, he has developed a photo career where he balanced his artistic projects with press-assignments for Le Monde, Libération and Les Inrockuptibles, etc. Beauregard’s photo projects often explore subjects connected with identity, false pretences, disclosing how the body can reveal his obsessions and can give a meaning to someone’s existence. Thus the body becomes the object of surgical retouching (Surgery, 2005), spontaneous artialisation (Pentimento, 2011), desocialization (Semantic tramps, 2008) and a pedestal for digital terminals (Technomades, 2008). His work has been exhibited in several prestigious institutions and festivals, which we can highlight Rencontres d’Arles at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation (Arles, 2017), at Centquatre (Paris, 2016 and 2012), Centre Pompidou-Metz (Paris, 2013) and at the Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, 2013) and he was awarded to do the art residency DRAC a program promoted by the French regional cultural affairs program (2015-2018). Beauregard is represented by «EXPOSED» agency.


Joana Choumali, born in 1974, is a fine art photographer based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She studied Graphic Arts in Casablanca (Morocco) and worked as an Art Director in an advertising agency before embarking on her photography career. She works primarily on conceptual portraiture, mixed media and documentary. She uses her photography to explore her own identity. Much of her work focuses on Africa, and what she, as an African, is learning about the myriad cultures around her. Her work allows her to explore assumptions she has and nourishes her as she expands her conceptions of the world.  Joana Choumali is represented by 50 Golborne Gallery.



Polish born, a wife and mother of three, people enthusiast and self taught photographer on her jorney of finding beauty in strenght and imperfections. Her artistic work focus on breaking boundaries of intimicy and trust, trying to transform exposing insecurities from shameful to liberating experiences. As a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the blocks preventing her subjects to uncover their secrets, she decided to perform live, as a nude body canvas of the artist Chaim Machev aka DotsToLines.


Rebecca D. Harris is an artist based in Cornwall, UK who makes work about the body, sometimes through the use of humour, science and textiles.  After gaining a first class honours degree in fine art at Plymouth College Rebecca went on to study a masters degree in contemporary art practice.  She has exhibited nationally, including having work on permanent display in the world renowned Eden Project in Cornwall.  Rebecca has artworks in private collections around the globe and is a published arts based researcher.





Christophe Beauregard (France), Joana Choumali (Ivory Cost), Kaja Gwincińska (Poland), Rebecca D. Harris (UK),  Kaja Gwincińska (Poland), Steve Hines (UK), Chaim Machlev aka DotsToLines (Israel), Chibuike Uzoma (Nigeria) and Survivor's INK Archive (USA).

Curated by Inês Valle

Dates: 17.11.2017 - 19.01.2018

Venue: NR PROJECT, 6 Minerva Street E29EH

Opening : Friday, 17 November | 5-9pm

Other days: Mon-Sat | 10am-6pm

Free entry




Conversations: Tattoo and its impacts in society

Christophe Beauregard, Wayne Joyce, Rebecca D. Harris, Mary Fisher, Jessica Graham,

Scott McFarnon and special guests.

Music concert

Sex Trafficking Survivors:

Crazy Heart (Inspired by a True Story)

Scott McFarnon

Fim Screening
“Re-branded: how Survivors Ink is erasing the marks of the US sex trafficking industry “

by Almudena Toral, Annie Kelly and Claudine Spera for the Guardian.



by Chaim Machlev (aka DotsToLines)


Projection Design: David Altweger

The group exhibition Unforgettable (you!), curated by Inês Valle focusing on stories that make us unique in a globalised world.

This exhibition opens on the 17th of November at 5pm with a roundtable conversation between the artists and special guests, a live performance and a music concert.

Unforgettable (you!) through the work of Christophe Beauregard, Joana Choumali, Rebecca D. Harris, Steve Hines, Chaim Machlev aka DotsToLines, Chibuike Uzoma and the American organisation Survivor's INK, aims to divulge how tattooing and body marks can impact lives and increase self-confidence on multiple levels.



Steve Hines was born in Nottingham, England and after an initial career in commercial printing, returned to full-time education at Sunderland University in 1995, where he gained a first class Honours Degree in Photography, Video & Digital Imaging in 1998, After living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne and Paris, Hines moved to London where he completed a MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2006. Hines’ practice has evolved from Photography, Video and other disciplines to Sculpture where he now enjoys working with tangible, three dimensional space and physical materials. He is fascinated by the form and materiality of everyday objects and the possibility of transformation. Much of his current work forefronts the reuse and juxtaposition of these objects and materials and the alternative meanings and fresh poetry their positions reveal. Vulnerability, transmitted through concept, form or material has also been an important aspect throughout. Lives and works in London.


Shortly after having his first tattoo experience, Machlev, despite having no artistic experience or knowledge wants to dedicate his life to art. Changing his path forever, until then an Information Technology manager in Tel-Aviv, he drops job and country for Berlin, determined to become a tattoo artist with nothing but devotion and motivation in his bag. Six years later, with a packed portfolio of meditative body art tattoo creations, interesting collaborations with highly respected brands, and stimulating designs for the music world; His art, inspired by music and nature, widely distributed internationally and reaching over a million dedicated social media users; Exposing behind the name DotsToLines a self made artist as a symbol of exploration, self realisation and individual development. Machlev’s mathematical background works in a respectful and strong balanced connection with the manifestation of his strong spiritual side. Leading a minimalistic clear lines art, intricate compositions and movements through his designs. (portrait by Erik Weiss)


Chibuike Uzoma (Nigeria) is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, painting, drawing and text. His art projects are nourished by life and the reciprocals between humans and the human condition, especially those referencing Nigeria, Africa and the African Diaspora. Through a layered and an exceptional organic process, he creates visual languages to portray both new perspectives and alternative narratives. Regarded as a social commentator, Uzoma’s artworks engage global dialogues and issues of contemporary politics, post-colonialism, migration, thought, urbanisation as well as themes related to religious and ethnic conflicts. Uzoma was born in Port Harcourt. He holds a BA degree in Painting from the University of Benin.


Survivor’s Ink was founded by the late Jennifer Kempton (4/20/82 - 5/18/17), a survivor of human trafficking who used her experience to promote awareness and to advocate for social change. During her horrific time on the streets she was branded and sold by her abusers. After obtaining her freedom, these marks became constant reminders of her abuse until she was given the gift of a cover-up tattoo. The sense of liberation she experienced through covering her brands inspired her to start Survivor’s Ink, an organization that exists to empower human trafficking survivors by breaking the psychological chains of enslavement through beautifying, removing, or covering their physical scars, markings, and brandings, which are constant reminders of a violent past. Furthermore, it strives to be a reliable resource connection to direct services for victims and survivors to help them rebuild their lives. Survivor’s Ink is committed to carrying on Jennifer’s legacy and hopes to honor her vision by reaching survivors around the world.